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of all doctor's visits are stress related
the average reduction in operation cost per sick day, per employee, when employers offer a financial wellness program.
of all Americans lose sleep over their finances.
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The financial service industry has always struggled to reach the general population with high quality, unbiased advice. While some individuals have advisors they can call, most do not. And many of the advisors that work with clients are paid to sell products so are they truly the best place to go for education? There is always the option of wandering around the internet to find information, all along hoping the information you find is accurate.

Frustrated with this problem, two financial advisors, that happen to be brothers, created Financial IQ. Good financial education should not be reserved for the few, everyone needs to have access because we all deal with financial stress.

As the brothers researched and worked to create a solution that would deliver education to the masses they realized others had tried before them. Unfortunately, the solutions that have been tried sounded good but were too complicated and required to much time by the user. When was the last time you had an hour available to sit down and focus on video or workbook about budgeting? Exactly, very few people have that time. Our society moves at a very fast pace and we need to meet people when they have time available to learn. The solution is Financial IQ, an on-demand education resource that requires very little time to learn and can be accessed whenever the user is ready.

Our goal is for Financial IQ to be the foundation of financial wellness and be the first source that people access to increase their financial confidence and IQ.

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